What if, instead of communication over large tracts of space or time, every packet of energy contained the sum total of everything that has happened, is happening, or will happen at every point in the Universe? Sound even kookier?

That's precisely what scientists call the Holographic Principle: that our universe is organized like a giant hologram--a light painting that, when illuminated with lasers, shows a brilliant 3D image. Holograms also display the curious property of "containing the whole within the parts:" when divided, holograms still display the whole, albeit fuzzier, original image. Smaller divisions of the original still contain the original, as well.

So, what's this have to do with healing? Before we delve into this, let's summarize what we have here.

First, matter is an illusion. A perception. It's only energy.

Second, there appears to be no Universal "speed limit:" the speed of light can be routinely exceeded wit
Paranormal Healing
hin the theory of nonlocality.

Third, every piece of matter (therefore every packet of energy) is encoded with information about all past, present, and future events everywhere in the Universe.

Whoa. This means that, if we knew how, we could ostensibly access full knowledge about anything that ever happened, is happening, or will happen.

It's the explanation of all "paranormal" activities. All of them!

But now, back to healing.

To heal is defined as "to restore to health or soundness." For simplicity's sake, let us presuppose that those needing healing were (a) once healthy and/or sound and (b) this healthy, sound state is again attainable.

Let's take the example of my liver. Let's say it was operating at a less-than-efficient level (this isn't the case, by the way!). This crucial organ, made of matter, ensures my life or death as a more complex organism, also made of matter. Quantum theory states that matter is an illusion. It's only energy.

So my liver's "unhealthy" functioning is based on an energy state, as is its healthy functioning. Something must have changed in the energy or its "flow" in order to change from a healthy state to an unhealthy one.

Ancient "energy healers" (as well as some modern ones) knew this. They concentrated on repairing the energy flow, or Qi of an individual. Reiki practitioners know that, by strengthening and revitalizing another's energy fields through willful intent and channeling of "Universal life force" energy (the Universe is nothing but energy, right?), they can bring about miraculous and sometimes instant physical healing.

But where is the scientific evidence? We already know that, if the Holographic Principle is valid, then all knowledge is available to us. But is there scientific proof that the makeup and/or flow of matter/energy can be influenced? Is there proof that energy can be brought from one state into another with "mere" intent?

Yes. Lots of it.

More to come...

Michael Thompson Isaac is a computer-geek-turned-psychic-medium based in Minnesota. Visit his website at http://www.mtisaac.com