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Complementary Schizophrenia Treatments

Important Warning: The following web page is provided for information purposes only. It covers possible complementary treatment approaches that may be used in concert with antipsychotic (neuroleptic) medications. The adoption of any of these complementary treatments should be done with a qualified psychiatrist or psychologist's knowledge and approval as part of a person's complete treatment plan. This summary of possible complementary treatments is for informational purposes only.

For general information on dietary supplements, see the NIH website: Dietary Supplements: Background Information

Complementary Schizophrenia Treatments - Table of Contents

Who is likely to be deficient? What to take for it?


Fish Oil and Cod Liver Oil (EPA & DHA)

What does it do?

Oil from fish contains eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA); both are omega-3 fatty acids.

Most fish oil supplements are 18% EPA and 12% DHA, or a total of 30% omega-3. These omega-3 fatty acids, unlike the omega-3 fatty acid found in flaxseed oil and othervegetable oils (such as alpha linolenic acid), keep blood triglycerides in check (high triglycerides are generally linked with increased risk of heart disease) and may inhibit the progression of atherosclerosis.1 EPA and DHA keep blood from clotting too quickly.

EPA and DHA also have anti-inflammatory activity. As a result, fish oil is used to help people with various inflammatory conditions, such as Crohn’s disease2 and rheumatoid arthritis.3 The anti-inflammatory effects of EPA and DHA may also account for the findings of some reports that show fish oil supplementation helps some people with kidneydiseases4 5 6 and may help protect against chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.7

The omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil help to balance the omega-6 fatty acids, which are found mostly in vegetable oils. When these two groups of fatty acids are out of balance, the body releases chemicals that promote inflammation. People appear to produce more of these inflammatory chemicals when experiencing psychological stress (e.g., academic examinations). With a fatty acid imbalance, inflammatory response to stress appears to be amplified.8

Prostaglandins are hormone-like substances produced within the body that regulate dilation of blood vessels, inflammatory response, and other critical processes. Omega-3 fatty acids are needed for prostaglandin formation. Probably as a result of their effect on prostaglandins responsible for blood vessel dilation, a double-blind trial found that omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil helped to treat people with Raynaud’s disease.9

Schizophrenia is linked with abnormalities in fatty acid metabolism, and preliminary research suggests that fish oil supplementation may be helpful to people with schizophrenia.10However, a double-blind study that used 3 grams per day of eicosapentaenoic acid failed to demonstrate any benefit for patients with chronic schizophrenia.11

DHA is essential for vision in infants. Researchers are now studying this relationship to better understand how much DHA is needed.

EPA and DHA also modulate immune function,12 probably as a result of their effect on prostaglandin production. Perhaps as a result of this effect, fish oil has helped prevent some types of cancer in animals13 14 15 and humans,16 although this evidence remains preliminary.

Preliminary evidence also shows that omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil may help regulate the rhythm of the heart. EPA and DHA have been reported to help prevent cardiac arrhythmias.17

Where is it found?

EPA and DHA are found in mackerelsalmon, herring, sardines, sablefish (black cod), anchovies, albacore tuna, and wild gameCod liver oil contains large amounts of EPA and DHA. Fish oil supplements typically contain 18% EPA and 12% DHA, though more purified (i.e., higher in EPA and DHA) fish oil supplements are sometimes available. In addition, DHA is available in a supplement that does not contain significant amounts of EPA.

Fish oil has been used in connection with the following conditions (refer to the individual health concern for complete information):

Who is likely to be deficient?

So-called “primitive” diets have much higher levels of EPA and DHA than modern diets. As a result, some researchers and doctors believe that most people who eat a typical western diet are likely to be consuming less-than-optimal amounts of EPA and DHA. To a very limited extent, omega-3 fatty acids from vegetable sources, such as flaxseed oil, can convert to EPA.

 Health Concerns

Crohn’s disease (enteric-coated, free-fatty-acid form of fish oil)

High blood pressure

High triglycerides

Rheumatoid arthritis


Bipolar disorder

Breast-feeding support

Cardiac arrhythmia

Cystic fibrosis (EPA)



Heart attack

Immune function (omega-3 fatty acids for critically ill and post surgery patients only)

Kidney disease


Osteoporosis (in combination with evening primrose oil)

Phenylketonuria (if deficient in polyunsaturated fatty acids)

Pre- and post-surgery health

Pregnancy and postpartum support (to prevent premature delivery)


Raynaud’s disease


Sickle cell anemia

Ulcerative colitis

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)

Colon cancer (reduces risk)


Dysmenorrhea (painful menstruation)



Migraine headaches

Multiple sclerosis





Immune function (omega-3 fatty acids for critically ill and post surgery patients only)

Kidney disease


Osteoporosis (in combination with evening primrose oil)

Phenylketonuria (if deficient in polyunsaturated fatty acids)

Pre- and post-surgery health

Pregnancy and postpartum support (to prevent premature delivery)

 At least four studies have reported a reduced blood level of omega-3 fatty acids in people with depression.18 19 20 21
 People with rheumatoid arthritis have been found to have decreased levels of omega-3 fatty acids, such as are found in fish oil, in their joint fluid and blood.22

How much is usually taken?

Presumably, healthy people who frequently eat fatty fish (several times per week) have no need to supplement with fish oil. How much EPA and DHA, if any, should be supplemented by healthy people who do not eat much fatty fish, remains unclear.

Most researchers studying the effects of EPA and DHA in humans who have a variety of health conditions have given those people at least 3 grams of the total of EPA plus DHA—an amount that may require 10 grams of fish oil, because most fish oil contains only 18% EPA and 12% DHA.

The health benefits for people with Crohn’s disease have been reported with a special, enteric-coated preparation of purified EPA/DHA manufactured from fish oil. This preparation of purified fatty acids has also been reported to not cause the gastrointestinal symptoms that often result from taking regular fish oil supplements, again suggesting unique benefit.23

In one trial, the maximum amount of fish oil tolerated by people being treated for cancer-related weight loss was reported to be approximately 21 grams per day.24 However, in people who do not have cancer, the maximum tolerated amount may be different.

Polio and treatment


Polio prevention & treatment

"According to a survey made in 1946 regarding the percentage of polio recoveries under the various methods of healing we have this interesting report: 91 % to 100% recover under certain Chiropractic treatment—(not all chiropractors understand this method),  97% to 100% recover under correct Hygienic treatment, 72% under Nurse Kenny treatment, 35% recover with no professional care, 17% under medical care."----Eleanor McBean

Vitamin C:
"In 1949 Klenner described his successful treatment of polio…using ascorbic acid. The main value of his work is in showing that any viral disease can be successfully brought under control with ascorbic acid if the proper large doses are used…..Millions have been spent in unsuccessful attempts to find a nontoxic, effective virucide….while, harmless, inexpensive, and non-toxic ascorbic acid has been within easy reach."---Dr. Irwin Stone

"Although we were able to cure many cases of polio with massive doses of ascorbic acid, one single instance demonstrates the value of vitamin C. Two brothers were sick with poliomyelitis. These two boys were given 10 and 12 grams of ascorbic acid, according to weight, intravenously with a 50 c.c. syringe, every eight hours for 4 times and then every 12 hours for 4 times. They also were given one gram every two hours by mouth around the clock. They made complete recovery and both were athletic stars in high school and college. A third child, a neighbour, under the care of another physician received no ascorbic acid. This child also lived. The young lady is still wearing braces."---Dr Klenner

Vitamin C in Acute Poliomyelitis: Greer, Medical Times, November 1955 "Large doses of vitamin C have proven beneficial in the management of five serious cases of acute poliomyelitis."http://www.seanet.com/~alexs/ascorbate/

Vitamin C paper by Frederick R. Klenner, M.D., F.C.C.P. http://www.orthomed.com/klenner.htm

The Treatment of Poliomyelitis and Other Virus Diseases with Vitamin C: Klenner, Southern Medicine & Surgery, July, 1949 "The treatment employed [in the poliomyelitis epidemic in North Carolina in 1948, 60 cases] was vitamin C in massive doses... given like any other antibiotic every two to four hours. The initial dose was 1000 to 2000 mg., depending on age. Children up to four years received the injections intramuscularly ... For patients treated in the home the dose schedule was 2000 mg. by needle every six hours, supplemented by 1000 to 2000 mg. every two hours by mouth ... dissolved in fruit juice ... All patients were clinically well after 72 hours. Where spinal taps were performed, it was the rule to find a reversion of the fluid to normal after the second day of treatment.

"Intensive research during the past twelve years on the relationship between diet and susceptibility to infection, not only in polio but also in common respiratory infections and tuberculosis, has convinced me that the human organism can protect itself against infection virtually completely by proper nutrition."--Dr Sandler 1952

[Book] DIET PREVENTS POLIO Benjamin P. Sandler, M.D.

Similarity of polio to pellagra, beriberi, and other deficiency diseases--Eleanor McBean

Klenner, Southern Medicine & Surgery, April, 1951
"... review[ing] the findings of McCormick in 50 confirmed cases of poliomyelitis in and around Toronto, Canada, during the epidemic of 1949... families eating brown bread who came down with poliomyelitis did not develop paralysis; whereas in those families eating white bread many of the children having poliomyelitis did develop paralysis. The point here is that brown bread has 28 times more vitamin B1 than does white bread. Obviously, then, the paralysis which complicates acute poliomyelitis appears to be due to a B1 avitaminosis." http://www.seanet.com/~alexs/ascorbate/



Polio poster girl cured
Chiropractic & polio case

[Vaccination]  [Polio]


30 paralyzed polio patients all recovered!

Please watch the video.  Doctors who have tried it says it works.  Docs who refuse to try is say it doesn't. 
In a study of 30 paralyzed polio patients in iron lung machines, when given this treatment, all recovered.  The results were suppressed due to new (unproven then and now only marginally effective) vaccines coming to market.
The FDA has now ordered manufacture of this non-drug stopped.  Do you wonder why?

21st Century Inquisition

Medical viciousness, which flows like a river out of doctors arrogance and ignorance, drags many people to deaths door including the man in the above video. It has to do with a strict control of information that can be deadly to patients. In the above 60-minute CBS video we see someone almost die because a team of doctors did not want to administer intravenous vitamin C to a man on life support. But with some legally-applied arm-twisting they managed to push the hospital administration to administer 50 grams of C a day. To everyone’s delight the patient started showing immediate improvement and then full recovery.

The vital information that saved Alans life is no secret. But it is kept secret by an army of doctors and nurses who have been trained to distrust or shy away from the use of any natural or even semi-natural nutrient such as ascorbic acidthough not quite the full complex that a natural C would have” but still powerfully effective in emergency and intensive care situations.

Under the umbrella of CODEX, a new inquisition has been initiated, an all-out witch-hunt against natural medicine and its practitioners. I know of personal stories on different continents where noble people are deliberately attacked. My dear friend and medical associate Dr. George Georgiou from Cyprus actually had a spy come into his office posing as a patient secretly taking films of the diagnostic intake so it could later be edited and presented on local television.

The Cyprus Medical Association is picking up the pace in overtly attacking all natural medicine practitioners on the island of Cyprus, which is now part of the European Union. The tactics they are using are highly unethical and unprofessional. According to Georgiou they are “basing their attack on the myth that all natural medicine practitioners are unqualified charlatans and people should not trust them with their health.â€

On Wednesday 9th January, a program 60 Minutes
on one of the national channels, Sigma showed how paid stooges acting as patients would enter natural medicine practitioners clinics with hidden spy cameras and record the practitioner treating them. Excerpts from this were taken completely out of context making Georgiou look like a charlatan when he clearly is not. He is one of a small handful of doctors in the world upon whom I would entrust my life if the need arose. His only offense to the local medical establishment is that he is a naturopath and some people believe all naturopaths should be hung.

And while we are at it we might as well lynch some homeopaths; there is a war against that form of medicine as well, even though homeopathy is one of the best treatment modalities because it addresses the whole person just about better than any other modality. Personally I like homeopaths for their diagnostic depth and the way they treat people as human beings with a soul. Half the battle in medicine is won just from paying attention and listening to patients. So much can and should be said for the healing power inherent in doctors taking a sincere interest in their patients.

Contemporary medicine rejects ”across the board” anything outside the mainstream medical box. There is no consideration allowed for anything that has not been clinically proven, yet clinical studies are astronomically expensive and only the pharmaceutical companies can afford to run them. In recent years the quality of these  ”official
 studies has been drawn into question. Thus the results on which the FDA often bases their decisions are flawed. There is no credence given to anecdotal experiences or testimonials from patients as to whether or not a treatment works so doctors are at a disadvantage by not utilizing natural medicine, something that has worked well for many centuries.

Natural medicine is a religion that the orthodox medical community needs to convert to. I use the word religion in a dual manner here. First the conversion is simply in the mind—converting one’s thinking from a terroristic paradigm to something vastly more reasonable. Pharmaceutical terrorism has bred insanity in the rank and file members of allopathic medicine, turning the practice of medicine into a crime against humanity.

I am soon to start championing in the world the practice of pastoral medicine. This form of medicine does have an allegiance to something higher than the limitations of human thinking. Medical truth is more easily seen when we connect to a universal intelligence that is truth and only knows the truth.

Energy Medicine

Lets digress from speaking about God and medicine and look at some new science that sheds some light on something called energy medicine,
 which many alternative practices use. For instance, if our DNA has the power to teleport itself from one place to another, we might have to take a second look at the closed-mindedness and negativity surrounding energy medicine practices.

Nobel Prize winner Luc Montagnier describes a phenomenon in which DNA emits electromagnetic signals of its own construction—“ghost DNAâ€
 that can be mistaken by enzymes as the real deal and replicated in another place. Essentially, it’s DNA teleportation. Montagnier and his team say this suggests DNA emits its own electromagnetic signals that imprint the DNA’s structure on other molecules (like water). Ostensibly this means DNA can project itself from one cell to the next where copies could be made—something like quantum teleportation of genetic material, a notion that is spooky on multiple levels.

Montagnier shared the 2008 Nobel Prize for medicine for his role in establishing the link between HIV and AIDS. His research has stirred up a good deal of commotion with his experimental results showing that DNA can teleport it self to distant cells via electromagnetic signals. If his results prove correct, they would shake up the foundations upon which modern chemistry rests.

Few doctors are trained to deal with the subtle bodies. Peoples electrical, magnetic, emotional, mental and astral bodies have no meaning for contemporary pharmaceutical and surgical medicine. All they know is the physical body and they seem to be unaware that bodies are poisoned by poison.

Near my Sanctuary Project in Brazil there is the most delightful lady named Dona Flor. Flor stands for flower in Portuguese and she is one. She is a retired midwife and a medically-trained herbalist living in the simplest house you can imagine in our small village. She had delivered hundreds of the region’s babies at their homes. Government officials with CODEX regulations in their hands went after her in a recent sweep of natural practitioners in Brazil.

Dont get me started on the issue of birth and what is done to pregnant women by their obstetricians. The simple fact that they provide C-sections for their personal conveniences, cut umbilical cords early when the baby is still dependent on the oxygen flow through the placenta blood flow, or even try to deliver a baby with the mother on her back. A woman lying on her back is the most God-awful position for a woman during childbirth because it closes the birth canal by as much as 30 percent because of sacral compression and positioning.

Nothing has changed about witch-hunts and inquisitions. The people who sponsor or promote them are the same barbarians we found in Spain and other parts of Europe during the Dark Ages. Dark indeed is the jealous doctor. He is the most arrogant and aggressive, not only to other practitioners who don’t think and practice the same, but also to his own patients who he treats with disdain by hiding information. This we saw demonstrated above in the CBS presentation. It is a matter of life and death, which is what medicine is all about.

Special Note: The pharmaceutical companies are running out of ideas and that is evidenced by the slowing pace of new drugs coming out of the pharmaceutical industry. Drug makers, unable to find enough new drugs, are paring back research instead of wasting time on more drugs that only cover up symptoms but rarely if ever cure anything.  “Promising discoveries in illnesses like depression and Parkinsons that once would have led to clinical trials are instead going unexplored because companies have neither the will nor the resources to undertake the effort  since the cost of bringing a single drug to market can exceed $1 billion. Instead of understanding this as good news with fewer dangerous new drugs coming onto the market, the American government, having nothing better to do with the money they do not have, has opened a new research center and will spend $700 million to continue on where the pharmaceutical companies leave off.

Instead of turning to safe natural medicines like magnesium chloride that can be produced by the mega-ton load from the sea, they will create a new research center where they can create something new that will totally waste taxpayers’ money by taking them down the dangerous path of pharmaceuticals instead of enlightening them about all the highly beneficial natural medicines that already exist.

Mark Sircus Ac., OMD
Director International Medical Veritas Association
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.Alternative Medicine for Schizophrenia

Schizophrenia is a mental health disorder that usually occurs in young adulthood.

Many non-medicinal therapies have been examined for use in schizophrenia

sufferers, including gentle, non-invasive therapies such as cognitive behavioral

therapies and nutritional approches.

    Vitamin C Reduces Oxidation

  1. Antioxidant therapies have been shown to be beneficial in patients with schizohrenia. Antioxidants may help to prevent free radical damage that can occur in the brain from normal metablic functioning, to which schizophrenic patients are thought to be particularly susceptible. A small, short-term study on the value of vitamin C has shown that schizophrenics who took vitamin C along with treatment medication showed better markers of blood levels of vitamin C as well as decreased levels of markers for oxidation in the brain than those who did not.
  2. Antioxidants Help Tics and Mood

  3. Vitamin E, Alpha-lipoic acid, and even melatonin (which is a derivative of serotonin) have also been recommended as particularly strong antioxidants for schizophrenics with some of the grotesque outward tics that can be manifestations of the illness. Additionally, seventy five percent of schizophrenics who were also taking birth control pills, and had symptoms associated with mood, were shown to be helped by taking B-6 along with their regular medication.
  4. Omega threes can protect brain

  5. A comprehensive paper by the American Journal of Psychiatry contends that lack of omega-3 fatty acids in the diet can lead to mental illness. A review of the literature in the Medical College of Georgia reports that the use of omega-3 fatty acids in combination with supplementation with antioxidants may be useful in protecting the sensitive biochemical pathways of those suffering from schizophrenia, whose brains may be more susceptible to oxidation, dietary imbalance, and the ravages of stress than those not suffering from the illness. Fatty fish and walnuts, among other foods, are good providers of omega-3 fatty acids. Care should be taken in the choice of fatty fish sources, as fish may contain mercury deposits.
  6. Cognitive Behavioral Therapies

  7. A positive critique of a research paper called the Cochrane Review suggests that therapies which integrate personal coping methods with personal support systems are essential and beneficial to the schizophrenia sufferer. Music therapy, although long-term outcomes have not been discovered, is considered an active form of treatment that can engage the person in his own healing in a creative and active way.

Read more: Alternative Medicine for Schizophrenia | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/way_5394915_alternative-medicine-schizophrenia.html#ixzz1ExQvXuud


Vitamin Cure

Can common nutrients curb violent tendencies and dispel clinical depression?

by Susan Freinkel, Photography by Dan Winters

From the May 2005 issue; published online May 1, 2005 


Mental Machinery

The brain and other complex mechanisms of the human nervous system rely on 40 or so basic nutrients to run smoothly. The lack of any one—be it zinc or magnesium, chromium or folic acid—can cause a malfunction, leading to depression, irritability, or worse.

When pigs are penned in close quarters, some become so irritable they savage their pen mates’ ears and tails, a problem farmers call ear-and-tail-biting syndrome. David Hardy, a Canadian hog-feed salesman from the farmlands of southern Alberta, knew that behavior well. Years of experience had taught him something else: All it takes to calm disturbed pigs down is a good dose of vitamins and minerals in their feed.

That came to Hardy’s mind one November evening in 1995 when an acquaintance, Tony Stephan, began confiding his troubles. His wife, Deborah, had killed herself the year before after struggling with manic depression and losing her father to suicide. Now two of his 10 children seemed headed down the same road: Twenty-two-year-old Autumn was in a psychiatric hospital and 15-year-old Joseph had become angry and aggressive. He had been diagnosed as bipolar, a term for manic depression, but even with medication he was prone to outbursts so violent that the rest of the family feared for their lives.

The boy’s irritability sounded familiar to Hardy. I don’t know a whole lot about mental illness, Hardy told Stephan, but I’ve seen similar behavior in the hog barn, and it’s easy to cure.

So the two men set out to create a human version of Hardy’s pig formula. They bought bottles of vitamins and minerals from local health-food stores and spent nights at Stephan’s kitchen table concocting a mixture. On January 20, 1996, they gave Joseph the first bitter-tasting dose. Within a few days, Joseph felt better than he had in months. After 30 days, all the symptoms of his illness were gone.

Stephan next turned to Autumn, whose mental state had been steadily deteriorating for years. Now she was psychotic, convinced she had a gaping hole in her chest from which demons emerged. Just released from the hospital where she’d been on suicide watch, Autumn required 24-hour supervision to ensure she didn’t hurt either herself or her 3-year-old son.

Stephan forced her to take the nutritional formula. After just two days of treatment, her rapid swings between mania and depression stopped. After four days her hallucinations vanished. “I remember saying, ‘Oh my gosh, my hole is gone,’ ” she recalls. By week’s end, she felt well enough to quit all but one of her five medications.

Nine years later, both Autumn and Joseph remain symptom free, medication free, and devoted to taking what they call “the nutrients” each day. Autumn Stringam, her married name, is an articulate woman with bright eyes who revels in being a full-time mother to her son and the three daughters she’s had since getting well. “I don’t feel I’m cured,” she says. “I feel I’ve got something that allows me to manage and have a normal, functional life—maybe even better than functional.”

It’s easy to write off the Stephans’ treatment as just one more crackpot cure in a field rife with fraud and false hope. The supplement they took has yet to be proved in large clinical trials, while scientists who have studied it have been caught in the cross fire between converts, willing to take the supplement on faith and anecdotal evidence alone, and skeptics who look askance at all alternative medicine. Yet the idea of treating mental disorders with supplements makes sense, experts in the field say. Micronutrients help build and sustain the brain’s architecture and fuel its biochemistry. They are critical in countless ways to the working of cells throughout the body, including the brain. “We need 40 essential micronutrients in our diet—vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids,” says Bruce Ames, a biochemist at the Children’s Hospital Oakland Research Institute. Ames has explored the impact of zinc and iron on brain cells. “If you don’t have enough of one, you’re fouling up your biochemistry.”

A number of diseases caused by nutrient deficiency, such as scurvy, beriberi, pellagra, and pernicious anemia, display psychiatric symptoms like irritability and depression. But while severe deficiencies are rare in the developed world—when’s the last time you met someone with beriberi?—many of us fall short of getting all the nutrients we need. In 1997 a British study compared the mineral content of fruits and vegetables grown in the 1930s with the mineral content of produce grown in the 1980s. It found that several nutrients had dropped dramatically, including calcium (down nearly 30 percent), iron (down 32 percent), and magnesium (down 21 percent).

Some researchers suspect that even mild deficiencies can affect the psyche long before any physical symptoms appear. Stephen Schoenthaler, a sociologist at California State University at Stanislaus, has been exploring the link between nutrients and mental health by giving basic vitamin and mineral supplements to prison inmates and juvenile detainees. Again and again, since the early 1980s, Schoenthaler has found that when inmate nutrition improves, the number of fights, infractions, and other antisocial behavior drops by about 40 percent. In each case, he has found, the calmer atmosphere can be traced to the mellower moods of just a few hotheads. The inmates most likely to throw a punch, he has discovered, are the ones with the least nutritious diets and the lowest levels of critical nutrients.

Schoenthaler’s findings have been undermined by less than sterling research methods: His papers have failed to describe the precise methods by which he analyzed the inmates’ blood. (In January, a committee at his university recommended that he be suspended for a semester without pay for academic and scientific misconduct in later, unrelated research.) So in the late 1990s, an Oxford University physiologist named Bernard Gesch decided to put the theories to a more rigorous test. Gesch divided 231 prisoners in one of Britain’s toughest prisons into two groups. Half were given a standard vitamin and mineral supplement each day as well as fish-oil capsules and omega-6 oil from evening primrose. The other half received placebos. The results, published in 2002 in The British Journal of Psychiatry, drew headlines on both sides of the Atlantic. They were also almost identical to Schoenthaler’s. Over the course of approximately nine months, inmates taking supplements committed about 35 percent fewer antisocial acts than the group taking placebos. A few weeks after the study started, the prison warden told Gesch that the administrative report that month showed no violent incidents had occurred. “As far as he was aware, this had never happened in the history of the institution,” Gesch says.

 Poor Man’s Pharmacopoeia

A number of common nutrients may help alleviate mental illness when taken in higher-than-normal doses. A few of the most promising candidates follow. 


Folic acid is a B vitamin essential to mood regulation and the development of the nervous system. Patients deficient in it appear to respond poorly to antidepressants. In one 2000 British study, 127 patients taking Prozac were also given either 500 micrograms of folic acid a day or a placebo. The folic acid group did significantly better, in particular the women, 94 percent of whom improved compared with 61 percent in the placebo group.


It’s long been known that magnesium can act as a sedative. Some studies have also found magnesium deficiencies in patients with depression, although the evidence is inconsistent. The mineral may help other mood-stabilizing drugs work better. Researchers at the Chemical Abuse Centers in BoardmanOhio, found that combining magnesium oxide with the drug verapamil helped control manic symptoms in patients better than a drug-placebo combination.


Several studies have suggested that chromium picolinate may help alleviate depression and improve the response to antidepressants. In one small trial at Duke University, 70 percent of the patients who were given chromium picolinate improved, while none of those given placebos got better.


This sugar molecule appears to make the brain’s receptors more sensitive to serotonin, one of the chemical messengers that mediate mood. In a series of short-term placebo-controlled trials, researchers at Ben Gurion University of the Negev in Israel found that large doses of inositol—12 to 18 grams a day—helped alleviate depression, panic disorder, and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Continued:           http://discovermagazine.com/2005/may/vitamin-cure

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If so, why haven't you heard more about it?  Why haven't more doctors used Vitamin C as medicine? 

Progress takes time, unfortunately. Fresh fruit was known to cure scurvy by 1753, yet governments ignored the fact for nearly 100 years. Countless thousands died in the meantime. The 19th century doctor who first advocated washing one's hands between patients died ignored and in disgrace with the medical profession. Toxic mercury was used as medicine into the twentieth century. And so it has been. 

The first physician to aggressively use vitamin C to cure diseases was Frederick R. Klenner, M.D. beginning back in the early 1940's. Dr. Klenner consistently cured chicken pox, measles, mumps, tetanus and polio with huge doses of the vitamin. While vaccines are now available for these illnesses, please remember this was not the case in the 1940's. 

The following is a list of the conditions that Dr. Klenner successfully treated with aggressive vitamin C therapy: 

    Herpes Zoster (shingles)  
    Herpes Simplex  
    Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever  
    Bladder Infection  
    Some Cancers  
    Ruptured Intervertebral Disc  
    High Cholesterol  
    Corneal Ulcer  
    Burns and secondary infections  
    Heat Stroke  
    Radiation Burns  
    Heavy Metal Poisoning (Mercury, Lead)  
    Venomous Bites (insects, snakes)  
    Multiple Sclerosis  
    Chronic Fatigue  
    Complications of Surgery 

This seems like an impossible list of vitamin C cures. At this point, you can either dismiss the subject or investigate further. Dr. Klenner chose to investigate. The result? He used massive doses of vitamin C for over forty years of family practice. He wrote dozens of medical papers on the subject.  A complete list of them is in the Clinical Guide to the Use of Vitamin C, edited by Lendon H. Smith, M.D., Life Sciences Press, Tacoma, WA (1988). 

It is difficult to ignore his success, but it has been done. Dr. Klenner wrote: "Some physicians would stand by and see their patient die rather than use ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) because in their finite minds it exists only as a vitamin." 

Vitamin C is remarkably safe even in enormously high doses. Compared to commonly used prescription drugs, side effects are virtually nonexistent. It does not cause kidney stones. In fact, vitamin C increases urine flow and favorably lowers the pH to help keep stones from forming.  William J. McCormick, M.D. used vitamin C since the late 1940's to prevent and treat kidney stones. Vitamin C does not significantly raise oxalate levels, and uric acid stones have never resulted from its use, either. Said Dr. Klenner: "The ascorbic acid/kidney stone story is a myth." 

How much vitamin C is an effective therapeutic dose? Dr. Klenner gave up to 300,000 milligrams (mg) per day. Generally, he gave 350 to 700 mg per kilogram body weight per day. That is a lot of Vitamin C. 

But then again, look at that list of successes. 

Dr. Klenner emphasized that small amounts do not work. He said, "If you want results, use adequate ascorbic acid (Vitamin C)." 

If you want to learn more about the therapeutic uses of vitamin C, the following books are best: 

 How To Live Longer and Feel Better, by Linus Pauling, Ph.D., (Freeman, 1986)  
 The Healing Factor: Vitamin C Against Disease, by Irwin Stone (Putnam, 1972)  
 The Vitamin C Connection, by Emanuel Cheraskin, M.D. et al (Harper and Row, 1983)  
 Clinical Guide to the Use of Vitamin C, by Lendon H. Smith, M.D. (cited above) 

Many readers have long been hunting for copies of these amazingly valuable books. Your wishes have been answered. Dr. Klenner'sClinical Guide to the Use of Vitamin C is now posted in its entirety at http://www.seanet.com/~alexs/ascorbate/198x/smith-lh-clinical_guide_1988.htm 
The complete text of Irwin Stone's book The Healing Factor is now posted for free reading at http://vitamincfoundation.org/stone/

Physicians and other health professionals may wish to read papers by William J. McCormick, M.D., Linus Pauling, Ph.D,  Abram Hoffer, M.D., and recent articles by Robert F. Cathcart III, M.D.  The Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine is especially recommended. 

Copyright C 2005 and prior years Andrew W. Saul. 

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Vit B Complex cured tendonitis



rhizu's Full Review: Vitamin B Complex

Gotta love a pill that keeps those tendonitis flare ups to a minimum! Since I write a lot, and I was a blood sucker for eons, I utilized my wrists to the point I was in tears. I reached a point that writing my name was painful, it was almost impossible to use a pincer grasp, and I was awake nights because my wrist throbbed so much.

Imagine my surprise to hear that my mom had a similar complaint, and good old cousin MD suggested B complex. Since I really didn't want to look at a surgery, and the braces that I could get were hot, itchy and just uncomfortable, I decided to try it. Amazingly enough, it works. After about a week of B complex, I was sleeping through the night. After two weeks I was able to write and use a needle. I take it daily, and if I miss a day, I feel it in the tightness is my forearm and wrist.

There are some drawbacks to B complex. Finding a brand that isn't overly expensive, and has viable vitamin content is tough. Essentially, if you can see speckles in the pills, the vitamin is past it's prime. There is also the fact that if you are monitoring your water intake by checking the color of your urine, B complex will confuse you. Urine gets a really bright yellow tint due to some of the dyes in most brands.

Good benefits include the stress relief and and increased immunity due to being a tiny bit healthier. Any tendonitis, knee, wrist, elbow, any joint pain is definitely improved by the ingestion of the B vitamins. In truth, it's better to get as much of this in your system as is possible through your diet, but if you are unable to eat it all, a supplement is the way to go.


Vitamin B complex cures carpal tunnel 



Vitamin B Supplement Therapy for Carpel Tunnel Syndrome


Vitamin B Supplement Therapy for Carpel Tunnel Syndrome


Carpal tunnel syndrome, injury to the nerve that runs through the wrist, causes disabling pain and loss of strength in the fingers and hand. Conservative treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome consists of splinting and immobilizing the wrist, anti-inflammatory or steroid medications to reduce inflammation and swelling that compresses the nerve and massage or stretching exercises. If conservative measures fail, surgery provides relief in 95 percent of cases. Vitamin B therapy has shown no benefit in most clinical trials, but may benefit specific cases. Do not take vitamin B supplements without your physician's approval.


The vitamin B-complex includes a number of vitamins, including B1, also known as thiamine; B2, known as riboflavin, B3, known as niacin; B5, known as pantothenic acid; B6, known aspyrodoxine; B7, known as biotin; B9, known as folate or folic acid and B12, known as cobalamin. B2, B12 and particularly B6 have been used to treat carpal tunnel syndrome.

Dupuytren's Contracture Learn About Treatment Options And Important Information. DCOption.com


The B-complex vitamins play a part in maintaining the nervous system, among other functions. Vitamin B deficiencies can cause numbness and tingling in the extremities and muscle cramping.


B6 has been prescribed as an adjunct to conservative treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome for 30 years, but studies have failed to show any benefit with doses of 100 to 200 mg daily, the National Institutes of Health reports. B6 does act as an analgesic by raising the pain threshold and may help relieve pain. People who develop carpal tunnel symptoms as a result of vitamin B6 deficiency may also benefit from B6 therapy, lead author and registered dietitian Milly Ryan-Harshman, PhD, reported in the July 2007 "Canadian Family Physician." 

A study reported in the April 2005 "Journal of the Neurological Sciences" by lead author Yoshihiro Sato, M.D. of Mitate Hospital in Japan found that mecobalamin, an analogue of vitamin B12, significantly improved abnormal nerve function in stroke patients who were overusing their undamaged hand. Riboflavin, B2, has traditionally been used as well to treat carpal tunnel syndrome, although there's no definitive proof of its effectiveness, MayoClinic.com states. Always discuss vitamin B supplementation with your physician before starting therapy.


Taking more than 200 mg of B6 daily can cause nerve damage, or neuropathy to your arms and legs, which is reversible when you stop the supplement, according to the NIH. The Institute of Medicine has established the safe upper limit of vitamin B6 as 100 mg per day for adults based on this information. Do not take more than 100 mg of B6 without your doctor's permission.


Because B2 or B6 deficiency may cause carpal tunnel symptoms in some cases, taking a daily B-complex vitamin supplement may benefit some people with symptoms.

Read more: http://www.livestrong.com/article/325922-vitamin-b-supplement-therapy-for-carpel-tunnel-syndrome/#ixzz1DXXtSzdu

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