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Iodine Secrets


Iodine Remedies: Secrets From The Sea


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Printed in the United States of America. ISBN978-0-9797342-2-9 ...... additives to make it bright-white and free-flowing. In contrast, sea salt contains ...




Link to Warren Grossman the Healer - Free Ebook


Link to Warren Grossman the Healer - Free Ebook Go to his web site, http://www.warrengrossman.com/                Great information!



Chinese Medicine

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To Download book:  http://www.archive.org/details/scienceofpsychic024531mbp


This book is not a book of theories - it deals with facts. Its author regards the best of theories as but working hypotheses to be used only until better ones present themselves. The "fact" is the principal thing the essential thing to uncover which the tool, theory, is used. The sanest thinkers the best investigators hold no theory, not even the one dearest to them, that they are not ready and willing to throw away when a better one presents itself, whether that better one be discovered by themselves or other persons.

This is the true philosophical spirit.

It is true that this book may appear dogmatic rather than argumentative. But the author knows of no better way to present the facts of the subject, concisely and to the point free from the web of theory, and the quicksands of argument. And so he has decided to take the liability of the charge of " dogmatism, " in order to deliver his message to you in the style that he feels will reach the greatest number, and thus do the most good.

The facts stated In the book are true, and may be so proven by you in your actual practice, if you will but follow instructions. This, after all, is better than argumentative proofs that fail to prove.

The best way to get the benefit of this book is to start in to put its teachings into practice. Do not be content with merely agreeing intellectually to its propositions, but get to work and do something.

This is the only way for you to get the benefit of the book to get your money's worth from the book.

The author has placed in your hands the operation of a mighty force of Nature you must do the rest. He has pointed out the way - you must take the steps yourself.
He has opened the door, but you must walk through it  yourself.

We ask the reader to acquaint himself with each and every one of the several methods of healing taught in this book, before- he determines which he prefers to use. The wisest will take a little from each, rather than to tie himself down to any particular method or system. All are good, but some will be better for individuals than others. The author mentions this fact, and tells yon how to select.

The methods described in this book may be used in self-healing, even when it is not so stated in the text.

In fact, self-healing is probably the favorite idea of the author, who believes in people doing things for  themselves,and being independent, so far as is possible.

We trust that you will appreciate the value and simplicity of this book,
and will put into practice its important instruction.


Chicago, III., April, 1906.

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