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Vortex Energy Part3 How the Human TACHION light field works - 22 part series Add Video

Because you're worth it. This video explains how the energy works within your body and connects to our physical reality. A good one for healers and energy workers whom wish to understand more about the true workings of the life force energy. OJulienLA (16 minutes ago) Show Hide 0 Marked as spam Reply | Spam | Remove | Block User Notice how many times you are using the word CONTROL. Our "need" to control is rooted in FEAR. The ONE gland that you have left out of your analysis is the ADRENAL GLAND. The endocrine system is highly complex and interactive and all the other glands that you've mentioned are GREATLY influenced by the adrenal glands. Blow out the adrenals and the other glands will follow. This is consistent with the understanding in Traditional Chinese Medicine of the all important kidney energy which includes.. http://www.youtube.com/gridkeeper

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