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Vortex Energy Part 4 of 22 Medicine Wheel, Ley Lines and Obelisks Add Video

Introduction into medicine wheels and obelisks. Thankyou Mary Hardy. Why are all our villages and towns filled with obelisks and strange monuments that no one really knows anything about. And when people say they do know, it's always linked to a war? Strange stuff eh? Well obelisks move energy and they do it very well. How can they move energy I hear you ask. They move ley lines or vortices. Scalar waves and Tesla energy is also directly related to this. To understand more about this life force energy i'd suggest watching the first parts to this video. It is the same energy used in accupuncture and other energy healing methods. It is the energy which binds all matter. It is the stuff which brings myths into reality. Set your mind free and remember what our true history really means for us today. http://www.youtube.com/gridkeeper Vortex Energy Part 4 of 22 Medicine Wheel, Ley Lines and Obelisks Category:

Posted by Myra on January 18, 2011 at 9:32 PM 1207 Views

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