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Transform Your Life Through Sacred Geometry - Surrender Add Video

Transform Your Life Through Sacred Geometry - Surrender Ivan Rados yantra meditation cards, Transform Your Life Through Sacred Geometry offers one of the most effective means of entering into present moment awareness, enabling one to move rapidly into living fully in the Now. While many struggle to reach enlightenment, the author believes that everyone has the capacity to experience this state, which is an experience of freedom from our illusionary egoic mind, without all of this struggle. This capacity is realized not by following rules, performing rituals, or imitating enlightened masters, but by bringing awareness to the mindas attachments. Simply sitting with the yantras is so powerful that it conveys the energy to heal without the person doing anything else The yantras feature Ivan Radosa stellar artwork, which flows from his profoundly rich experience of present moment awareness. Through his stunning yantras and clear explanations, Rados offers us a simple way to still the mind so that we become deeply aware of the Infinite Consciousness at the heart of our own being -http://www.namastepublishing.com http://www.ivanrados.com Greatest Hit: My soul is the end of the Universe now features on the Rados album The Transparent Man and also on the compilation albums Euphoria: Chilled 2′ and Very Best Of Euphoric Chillout Mixes. lthis is a wonderful excursion through powerful and atmospheric down-tempo electronica,backed by glorious ethnic sounding vocals and thought provoking spoken samples. There are very few albums in my extensive collection that id give a 10/10 rating for - this is one of them. Its an astounding album - Essential. Richard Morley-Whirl-y-gig/Planet Angel-DJ LONDON A plethora of drones, flutes, pipes, deep thumping drums, exotic voices held together with contemporary western structures. The beats are clear and smooth often having tribal interludes or undertones with deep booming bass drums. The synthesisers are mainly used to provide washes and stabs as opposed to arpeggios or melody lines. For me this album gets better as it goes on, some stronger, deeper atmospheres are formed in the later tracks. Excellent production. Lovers of electronic, world fusion. Imagine the early Banco De Gaia sound with more ethnic elements akin to Deep Forest and a somewhat slower tempo at times like Enigma MORPHEUS MUSIC REVIEWS

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