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Vortex Energy Part 8 of 22 - Tuning A Vortex and Earth Grid Add Video

http://www.youtube.com/gridkeeper http://www.templeofsakkara.com/ When the Great Pyramid was built, an illusionary grid was set up by a treaty. Mankind was given Freewill, but because humanity was only a child, an illusionary grid to control humanity was set up. (Perhaps by the Syrians or the Andromedans?) The purpose was to allow humanity to overcome the third dimension and yet maintain his immature emotions. The treaty ended December 31, 1999. That is why the Illuminati, the people who wish to bring you the New World Order, are scrambling to recap the Great Pyramid so that the illusionary grid can be reestablished. They have created an atmosphere of fear by bringing us Y2K. They even rearranged the calendar so that they could bring the illusion of fear at the changing of the millennium. Many people know that this calendar was manipulated. Understand, that this state was manipulated to create fear. There is nothing to fear but fear itself. Because as long as you remain in fear, they will be able to reestablish the illusionary grid and control humanity, so we cannot advance into a higher frequency. The Knights Templar knew of this treaty and strove to rebalance the grid by building cathedrals so that humanity could resonate with a higher frequency. These cathedrals were built on sacred power points. The Knights knew that the Essene community had the knowledge with the Ark of the Covenant to create a grid of love on the planet. Their real purpose was to deal with Alchemy. Not the point of changing water to wine, or lead to gold, but to change gross man into a Christed Being, so that the experiment on Earth could be fulfilled. Mankind is a combination of 22 different genetically encoded star systems. We were created to bring peace and harmony into the consciousness of the Pleiadian galaxy. We are an experiment. When we can become one with our encodement, humanity can bring peace and love through Freewill to this planet. Then the whole of the Pleiadian galaxy will experience the same. Late in the Eleventh century, a group of men known as the Clandestine monks created the Crusades to win back Jerusalem, so that they could reestablish the Essene knowledge on the planet. Jerusalem means "New Salem." Salem was the birth place of the Order of Melchizidek. It is here that the wisdom of the Essenes came from. This is why the Crusades were created. In 1099, Jerusalem was recaptured. Godfrey was made the king of Jerusalem and allowed nine men to dig in the ruins of Solomon's temple to find the secrets of the Essenes. The Essene material was buried with the destruction of the temple in 70 AD. In 1118, the Order of the Knights Templar was founded to protect this discovery of the Ark of the Covenant and records of Essene wisdom. The Templars used the Ark of the Covenant to advance in time so that they could bring back the architecture of the great cathedrals to reestablish the grid so that humanity could advance in consciousness, and the great Pleiadian experiment could be accomplished. It is now time that humanity understands this history and protects this wisdom. We are a planet of Freewill and we are a creation of love. Fear and deception will destroy us, whereas the love vibration and an understanding of who we are will bring peace and harmony to the entire galaxy. Vortex Energy Part 8 of 22 - Tuning A Vortex and Earth Grid

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