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I have just today learned about this technique,

so I'm passing it along. It's FREE, takes very little time, 
and is simple, to perform! So we stand to lose nothing for
trying it; and, we may stand to gain much.
To your health and long life!...

Access now: A New Cure for Cancer

1) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F054MSUzgHU

Then go to:
A New Cure for Cancer & everything else!
2)  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YWApeCYob1U
Finally enter:
A New Cure for Cancer Lesson 3
3)  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4_kdxwGkSWU

Understand that the human H2O molecule is surrounded by ten 
electrons that orbit in a 180-degree, half-circle to the South 
while making their 360-degree sweep. All fluids that you 
consume each day are first "forced through metal piping", 
which causes the electrons to spin (orbit)to the North like 
the insects, bats and cats molecular rotation.

To drink this incorrectly-influenced fluid, on the molecular
level, means that you are not-knowingly "NEGATING" your own 
"7-year cellular-rebuild cycle", thus causing your early demise! 
You will die earlier than you think. To molecularly south-spin 
all beverages, for just thirteen seconds before drinking, means 
that you are now giving your system exactly what it needs to do 
this cellular replacement correctly over time. In a while, you 
will begin to eat less, sleep less, and look much younger. 
You will also now have the ability to remain in physical form 
for up to 1000 years this time around!

This discovery was made just over eighteen years ago today!
Since that time, I have been busy trying to get this information 
out there by contacting different TV personalities. With the 
retirement of Larry King, and soon Oprah Winfrey, my two best 
candidates will be gone. Dr. Phil has recently sent me an email, 
via the YouTube, inquiring as to when exactly his hair would come 
back. So, believe you me, there are many out there who are now 
practicing this new technique.

It doesn't require any money to do this simple procedure, but it

will in time make all the difference in your physical form. Now

you really can learn how to "Live long and prosper!

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