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Processed and GRATED cheese contain sodium ALUMINUM phosphate!

Posted by Myra on February 9, 2011 at 4:33 PM
Is aluminum phosphate safe for human consumption?


Prior theories regarding the causes like the accumulation of aluminum, lead, mercury, and other substances in the brain leading to Alzheimer's and Dementia are unbelievable to many in the medical field. They believe that twisted fragments of protein within nerve cells or abnormal clusters of dead and dying nerve cells, and protein clog up the cell. The destruction of nerve cells leads to the decrease in substances secreted by neurons that send messages to other neurons and this appears to disconnect areas of the brain that normally work together.

Only 4 parts per million of aluminum in human blood causes it to coagulate. This will slow down or completely shut off the flow of blood in smaller vessels. The brain cells will die without blood flow and oxygen.

Some toxic metals like aluminum, arsenic, cadmium, lead, mercury, and nickel are taken into our bodies through the air, food, and water. The toxins from these metals remain in our bodies for years and have been linked to Alzheimer's disease, aluminum toxicity or mercury poisoning.

Aluminum toxicity and its symptoms mimic those of Alzheimer's disease and osteoporosis. Colic, rickets, gastrointestinal problems, interference with the metabolism of calcium, extreme nervousness, anemia, headaches, decreased liver and kidney function, memory loss, speech problems, softening of the bones, and aching muscles.

Drugs, Foods, Products With Aluminum Risk Factors

Antacids contain aluminum hydroxide. Anti-diarrhea products may contain aluminum salts and aluminum magnesium silicate. Antiperspirants and deodorants contain aluminum chloride or chlorhydrate. Baking powers contain aluminum sulfate or sodium aluminum sulfate. Bleached flour contains potassium alum. Buffered aspirin contains aluminum hydroxide or aluminum glycinate.

Canned goods, cooking utensils, deodorants, douches may contain aluminum salts. Containers, aluminum coated waxed containers, used especially for orange and pineapple juices, cause juices inside to absorb aluminum. Beer and soft drinks that are stored in aluminum cans also absorb small quantities of aluminum.

Food additives in cake mixes, frozen dough, self-rising flour contains sodium aluminum phosphate. Food starch modifiers and anti caking agents also contain varying levels of aluminum compounds.

Processed and grated cheese contain sodium aluminum phosphate. Shampoos, anti-dandruff contain magnesium aluminum silicate. Other shampoos may contain aluminum lauryl sulfate. Table salt contains aluminum calcium silicate. Tarter sauce, tobacco smoke may also have high levels.

Eye drops used for the treatment of glaucoma and increased pressure in the eye contain mono-basic and dibasic sodium phosphate and sodium hydroxide in buffered water solution. Aluminum hydroxide is used as the gelatinous flocking agent to filter out particulates in the water. Aluminum hydroxide is prepared at the treatment plant from aluminum sulfate by reaction with the sodium hydroxide.

One process of producing the sodium hydroxide is the mercury cell process where the sodium metal forms as an amalgam at the mercury cathode and the sodium is then reacted with water to produce the sodium hydroxide. The sodium hydroxide goes by other names like Lye and Caustic Soda and also used in detergents, drinking water, food preparation in washing fruits vegetables, washing hominy, pepper, gelling of egg whites, pretzels, pulp and paper, textiles, toothpastes, soaps, tissue digestion or decomposing, and unblocking drains.

Food in aluminum cans, foils or containers may have trace amounts. Pancake mixes, and grains may contain aluminum. Pickling salts for pickles or maraschino cherries can contain aluminum ammonium sulfate and aluminum potassium sulfate.

Vaccines that contain aluminum hydroxide are used as an absorbing agent in many vaccines and hypo-sensitization preparations causes hypersensitivity reactions. Aluminum may also be used in allergy testing, intravenous solutions, allergens, wound and antacid irrigation, ulcer treatment, blood oxygenation, bone or joint replacement and burn treatment.

Municipal water supplies are treated with both aluminum sulfate and aluminum fluoride. The role of aluminum from toothpastes with sodium fluoride may be even just as important than the drinking water. Use baking soda for an alternative.

Most of these types of aluminum will be found in ground water and toxic to aquatic life: aluminum acetate, aluminum bicarbonate, aluminum caprylate, aluminum chloride, aluminum diacetate, aluminum hydroxide, aluminum oxide, aluminum sulfate, Poly-oxo aluminum stearate, and Sodium aluminum phosphate are found in pesticides and herbicides.

Aluminum has been exempted from testing for safety by the FDA under some convoluted logic wherein it is classified as GRAS. (Generally Regarded As Safe.) It has never been tested by the FDA on its safety and there are NO restrictions whatever on the amount or use of aluminum.

Mercury is the most toxic element among the risk factors that causes damage to our bodies. It is found in shellfish and some fish. It is used in dental amalgam fillings, bactericides, fungicides, paint, thermometers and vaccines. Mercury can cause changes in the lymphoid tissue; it effects the immune system, nervous system, kidneys, and it produces resistance to antibiotics. Mercury is extremely toxic and poisonous to our bodies. Symptoms of mercury toxicity include fatigue, indigestion, muscle and joint weakness, nervousness, depression, or weight loss. Mercury poisoning has been linked to Alzheimer's, Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson's Disease

Read more: http://wiki.answers.c/Q/Is_aluminium_phosphate_safe_for_human_consumption#ixzz1DRgLy5Us

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