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FDA Banning Vit C Despite its power to heal

Posted by Myra on January 5, 2011 at 8:20 PM


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FDA Headquarters



The Alliance for Natural Health published the following:


The FDA has just notified small pharmacies that they will no longer be allowed to manufacture or distribute injectable vitamin C—despite its remarkable power to heal conditions that conventional medicine can’t touch. Please help reverse this outrageous decision! Why is this being done? What possible rationale is offered? Even though IV C is being used in burn units around the world, including in the U.S., and has been adopted by the military for this purpose, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) refuses to fund any studies using intravenous C in patients. With at least one of the pharmacies, the FDA seems to be banning injectable magnesium chloride and injectable vitamin B-complex 100 as well. Please contact the FDA right away, and tell them to stop this foolish war on intravenous vitamin C!


My first reaction to this is that American doctors and Americans in general are the most naïve people on earth. Sure, call Gestapo headquarters and tell them to stop being who they are! Tell them and the American government to start caring for people instead of terrorizing them! Might as well send them a basket of flowers right? We have watched and listened to the alarms for years and have done nothing, but let’s give them a call or write some letters. We are getting exactly what we deserve in the world because we have not lifted a finger and have not carried a threat back to the people who work for the FDA. Can you imagine Americans storming the FDA building like the French stormed the Bastille? Even though they have caused the death of millions of people we continue to remain passive sucking our thumbs.


You might have to forgive me tonight. I just cannot sleep and someone sent a video that I opened and shut as fast as I could before I got sick. It was the first time I think in my life I could not watch something and perhaps you can understand how sick my heartfelt and still feels seeing a butcher and some very sick Muslim women holding down a child so the butcher could circumcise a young girl’s clitoris. But I probably should not say anything or write any letters to the Muslim world about this for I would probably be put on a hit list.


The Federal government represented in the offices of the FDA is a bit more subtle about their nastiness but that does not make them any less despicable than the butcher with all the suffering and death they cause. There really is a nasty element in humanity but let’s not call it evil for that’s a word, force, energy, or attitude many don’t believe in and we should not step on their toes either, right?


We really are not equipped emotionally or mentally to see the worst in ourselves and thus not in others either, so they literally get away with murder, cruelty, and terror. Mainstream Americans don’t seem to care much about what happens to others around the world as long as it does not happen to them, but this is a short-sighted attitude that will boomerang back on them as their own government begins to feed on them in earnest.


I could have understood if the Alliance for Natural Health suggested people gather en masse around the FDA’s buildings and harass each and every worker who goes inside—but letter writing? Now Obama is set to sign the new legislation to control everything about food, so expect to see the FDA’s swat squads out in full force in the near future. Hitler was at least into health foods, but there is no silver lining to the FDA and what they are setting out to do. The FDA is at the center of the greatest evil the world has ever known and we can see evidence in this as they go after the good of vitamin C. They will go after the good in food and everything else they possibly can. I really do hope I'm wrong about the coming of an Ice Age, but if I'm right let's hope an ice sheet buries the FDA's regional building in New York. It would be nice if there were such things as selective ice sheets—and it would be really nice if the FDA cared about human beings and what is good for them. So much for wishful thinking and idle dreams.


Special Note: Tomorrow or Friday I will publish another financial essay that starts with an excellent video. In that video you will see something from September 10, 2001. Does anyone remember or know what was announced the day before the planes struck the World Trade Towers? Does anyone out there also know why or how World Trade Center building number 7 went down on its own footprint? Did a bird fly into it or did someone lean against it too hard? Those explanations do sound more reasonable than the official version but think again about September 10th and what the then Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld announced on TV. As humans we are far too gullible and accept just about any "official" explanation from our authority figures.


Mark Sircus Ac., OMD
Director International Medical Veritas Association


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